Would you like to have a beautiful safe school that is easy to manage, cost effective to operate, inviting, exciting and efficient for students and staff? A school building that generates a sense of belonging and openness for students?

The benefits of working with us on schools projects:

  • A safer better organised school that is easier to manage.
  • Clear advice on improving the accessibility of your school.
  • Clear advice on improving the fire safety within your school.
  • Reduce your school’s energy bills.
  • Highly experienced in dealing with the Department of Education.
  • Clear advice on Planning permission.
  • Clear advice on Building Regulations and Health & Safety regulations.
  • RIAI Chartered Architect resigned by the Department of Education

DMA work with schools to develop the safest, friendliest environment for teachers and students. We carry out feasibility studies and organise and resolve fire safety and accessibility concerns. We also deal with the Department of Education and grant applications on your behalf, thus saving you time and hassle with the paperwork involved. We explore the wonderful possibilities that lie within your existing buildings, saving you the need for lengthy and expensive building works. If you would like to book a consultation with us please call us today on 0876497313 or info@dmarchitects.ie

Schools architectural services:

  • Project Management of extensions/ refurbishment/ emergency works.
  • Site Identification/ Feasibility studies.
  • Fire Safety Certificate Applications.
  • Disability Access Certificate Applications.
  • Fire Safety Evacuation Plans.
  • Grant Funding Applications.
  • “David is very personable, is an excellent designer and has extensive technical knowledge. He completed an access audit of our building & suggested works which would double our numbers in a future proofed arena”

    Tony Duggan Listowel Community Centre