Did you know that 1 in 5 people live with a disability? Do you have concerns that issues with your premises are preventing growth, but you are unable to relocate? If your premises are not accessible you may be contravening Accessibility, Equal Status and Equality at Work legislation. Are you aware of barriers to more customers in, on or around your premises? Contact our access consultants by phone at 087 6497313, or by email info@dmarchitects.ie to discuss how we can help you improve access to your premises.

Our Access Consultants empower community groups, organisations and individuals to achieve greater prosperity through inclusive and accessible environments. We prepare Access Audit reports to outline service providers’ duties under the Disability Act, the Equality Act and the Equal Status Act. These reports demonstrate how the building is performing in this regard. DM Architects believe that access for all is not just socially responsible, it is also good for business.

  • A smart investment leading to increased profit margins.
  • Fewer barriers mean you reach more of your target market.
  • High-impact, low-cost proposals.
  • A socially inclusive premise to boost your business reputation.
  • A safer building is an accessible building for your customers and suppliers.
  • A defined exact cost benefit analysis.
  • Future Proof your premises.

How it works:

We perform an extensive inspection of your premises to identify barriers, and propose how to minimise or eliminate them. In some extreme cases where works are not possible, we ensure that you and your customers are aware of the barrier. The audit enables you to implement changes that will allow a broader spectrum of an ever-increasing marketplace access to your business. The report indicates how your Building Management can be improved through use of building technology. The report focuses on reasonably priced practical moves that reduce or eliminate barriers.

  • “David is very personable, is an excellent designer and has extensive technical knowledge. He completed an access audit of our building & suggested works which would double our numbers in a future proofed arena”

    Tony Duggan Listowel Community Centre